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“All my life I had thought that massage was a waste of time and money.  But 10 minutes into my first massage from Jana I was a convert!  I now go to Jana for a massage every week, and it is the only appointment I have that I NEVER consider cancelling.”
Dave S-B  ~ Coeur d’Alene


“This letter is written to acknowledge the benefit gained from massage therapy received from Jana Kilgore, LMP. After suffering injury to the Achilles tendon, I followed the advised medical model of icing, resting and gently stretching my tendon.  I followed this protocol for eight months with no noticeable improvement.  I was also using prescription strength anti-inflammatory medication, which did little to lessen the pain.  I was no longer running, using the stair-stepper, nor walking great distance.  At this point, eight months after initial injury, I began massage therapy with Jana.  Within four months I was able to fully return to my former regimen of exercise. I started slowly and gained speed and time gradually.  After three months of massage therapy I felt no residual effects from the injury.  I attribute my healing to Jana’s technique and expertise.

I continue hot stone therapy with Jana for overall well-being.  Jana Kilgore is, without doubt, the most talented therapist I’ve experienced, and I would recommend her service in medical massage, hot stone, or clinical aromatherapy to all. “
M.S. McElfresh


“This is to offer my perspective on the benefits of massage therapy from Jana Kilgore, Aroma Cd’A Massage. I have been benefiting from Jana’s expertise for nearly a year now and believe her to offer the best massage therapy that I have received over my 53 years.

I suffer from self-induced chronic muscle pains in the hips, shoulders, and calves and Jana has the knack of finding the areas of greatest need and applying her techniques to my significant benefit. She offers the ancillary method of Hot Rock Massage which I find to be of amazing profit, both in muscle relief and in relaxation.

I wholeheartedly support and recommend Jana for any and all who would appreciate and need the gifts of an accomplished massage therapist.”
Ronald R.


“I have been “addicted” to massage for over 30 years, both for relaxation massage and for medical massage. I have experienced the best massage therapy I ever encountered at Aroma Cd’A Massage.

Jana not only has a vast store of knowledge about massage, aromatherapy, and Muscular/Skeletal Anatomy, she has an intuitive and inate ability to locate problem areas I didn’t even know were there.

Jana is, without a doubt, the best therapist I have ever had the pleasure to experience!  I can highly recommend Jana Kilgore and Aroma Cd’A Massage.”
Matt ~ Hayden Lake


“As a professional who works with clients who experience emotional difficulty, I am always interested in ancillary interventions which facilitate healing. I find that I can earnestly recommend Jana Kilgore’s Aroma Massage as an adjunct treatment which is soothing physically and assists in emotional healing as well. Stress reduction, anxiety reduction, mood regulation, and relaxation enhancement are all benefits for which I can refer clients to Jana Kilgore.

She provides a first class environment and quality treatment for individuals in a confidential setting.  I am confident that anyone who uses Jana’s services will be very pleased with the outcome.”
S. Frazier, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor ~ Coeur d’Alene



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